Reviews from FB comments


This post collects some of the Facebook comments with feedback. The best proof that the Hoof Doctor really works very well!

Cathy Cason I have to say I'm a skeptic when it comes to FB products but I caved in and bought this stuff. Going on a couple months of 3 times a week, at least, application and the seedy toe on my QH, both front hooves, is almost completely gone. My other horse has shown huge improvement in the surface cracks and quarter cracks. I'm a believer.

Michelle MacLeod Wardman I’m almost through my second can in TN with warm to below freezing temps, rock hard to slippery wet clay. Clear results with thrush/white line is great. Soles are harder, he’ll walk on gravel, and I’m not losing shoes to soft walls. Absolutely love this product! Used on goats post trim to eliminate fungus.

Michelle Vander Vlis This product healed my ponies thrush in JUST ONE WEEK! I only applied it 7 times once a day and the day of his trim the farrier said all gone! Amazing! It will be the only product I use on both my miniature horses. Thank you Hoof Doctor! 

Lynn Curl This is an excellent product.I purchased a 2 year old came a severe case of Thrush which made him lame and very sore footed. Tried everything without results. Started using this product and with in 3 days he was getting better. I highly recommend this product. Buy with confidence!!😀

Cathy Cason  I wish I'd have taken before pics but I really didn't have much faith in the product, have tried so many. I was WRONG! After 3 months of regular use (every other or 3rd day) I have seen my mare with severe seedy toe in both front hooves completely heal. Gone - nada- seedy toe no more. Can't say enough about this product except don't give up. Give it time to work and be consistent in application. I cleaned each hoof, brushed loose dirt off entire hoof with stiff brush, applied to entire hoof starting on heel, frog, sole, edges and then from coronary band and all of top hoof. Yes, it takes time and commitment but what doesn't if you want results. I will always keep a new can on the shelf, won't risk running out. Good luck and love your horses.

Beth Jones Post This is an amazing product I had treated my horse with hoof doctor for the past two months because he had a quarter crack that was up into his coronary band and now it is almost a quarter of an inch grown out! Thx Hoof Doctor

Mary Ann Downey  I LOVE this product!! It absolutely does everything it claims...I love that it is chemicals-I love that her feet look great...healthy...She is barefoot-her hoof walls hold up beautifully between farrier visits and she is no longer tenderfooted on gravel. It is so wet and muddy right now-I paint her heel bulbs, entire sole and hoof thrush worries at all!! I will not use anything else...Thank you Hoof Doctor!!

Joyce Burt Best product ever ! I hope they don’t raise their prices , I finally found something that truly works ! 🐎❤️🐎❤️🐎❤️

Toni Beals McDuffie Started using this in the past month - and it really has made a difference with my 4 horses. Product does not get sticky, and the brush/lid screws easily on & off the container. Not messy like most. Their hooves are perfect now!

Jonnie Ruether Nipper Love this product! Bought the gallon for my horse because they get treated every other day. Their hooves are gorgeous!

Valerie Alexander I bought a 2nd can and my Horse Shoer has been impressed with the condition of my mare’s hooves. Tip: Leave your gloves and whatever coat you were wearing when you applied it in the tack room! it will stink up your car or your house for days!

Krystal McKenney I'm loving this stuff!. The smell of it doesnt bother me at all! I'm finding a little goes a long way! My mare had slight white line starting. I've been using this for a month now and her feet look great and she has no issues, simply using as a preventative now. Thank you for offering it at discount and free shipping!. My order of this came within 4 days!

Bambi Foster Cochrane Works wonderfully. First time in years my mare isn't lame from abscesses. So glad I decided to try it. 

Karen Roberts James Great stuff. Just started my second can on my donkey. Nothing up until now has helped her white line. This stuff works!!

Marie Ralph Reynolds It's great!! My senior is prone to thrush. I just finished up my first can, applying 2x per week. He pr hooves are much healthier and no signs of thrush. I recommend it.

Katherine Rollin Villeneuve I love this stufff! One of my horses has reallllyyy deep bad thrush and its helping tremendously! I always buy at Mustang Saddlery! 

Shirley Springer Howard This is the best product I’ve ever used. It might cost a little more however if you have problem hoof issues, it’s with it. The mail is way behind with Christmas. It will be delivered

Kate Syssoloff It is a great sealant so says my Farrier. The white line he and I have been working on is G-O-N-E!!! GONE GONE GONE! Thank you Hoof Doctor! I'd like another tin please :D


Sandra Cooper Gay I have tried it on my horse hooves and it has worked for her. She had very brittle hooves that cracked and broke off all the time. I have been using this for a couple of months and they are much better. So far I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to use.

Cyndi Norton Covarrubias Love this stuff! Ordered online and it arrived in record time. On my second container. It works.

Deborah Brooks My horse had a mild case of thrush and I used this and cleared up right away.