Hoof Doctor will treat the damages and help the tissue to heal but more important help your new growth come in healthy. So it will help in recovery process from founder. But will not cure.
  • Reviews from FB comments

    This post collects some of the Facebook comments with feedback. The best proof that the Hoof Doctor really works very well!
  • M&D Farrier Service & Hoof Doctor: Case Study

    M&D Farrier Service, run by Mike and his wife Denise, has been shoeing horses around the country for nearly 30 years. 

    For most of his career, Mike has not been a fan of topical solutions. The products he tried didn’t seem to work on the issues he was trying to treat. 

    His opinion of topical hoof dressings changed when he read about the healing properties of birch bark. It’s been used for centuries in both human and veterinary medicine because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

    Birch bark extract is one of the main active ingredients in Hoof Doctor; when Mike called to learn more, they offered free samples for him to try. As soon as the samples arrived, he put the product to the test.