How to use Equine One


How to use Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing:

  • Shake well before use
  • Clean the hoof of visible mud. Towel dry the bottom of the foot
  • Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the sole and frog then put foot down, and apply to the coronet band and wall
  • No wait time (maybe a couple of minutes) and you can turn out right away

When fighting an extreme or certain condition use once a day for the first week. Then go to three times per week. On average hoof with no major problems use three times per week to maintain proper moisture. In extremely dry climates, it may be necessary to apply once a day for proper moisture.

(!) We do not cure laminitis or founder. We do not cure Navicular.

NB: Proper farrier work and proper diet are always recommended by the Equine One for healthy feet. It's a great product for horses owners to provide continuing care between farrier visits.

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