Money back if you don't like Equine One Natural Dressing (NHD)

We stand by our product 100%, no matter what. If you're not satisfied with Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing that you have purchased from, you can contact us, tell what's wrong, and get your money back. No Receipts. No Explanations. No Questions asked. Period.
Just keep in mind:
  • Equine One NHD does not cure Laminitis/Founder or Navicular! 
  • Please be aware that we ship smooth and pretty cans, but anything could happen on delivery. It's good that we sell Equine One, but not cans.
  • Equine One is not a cosmetic product, but a 100% all-natural product that helps to solve most hoof problems.
  • Not everyone likes how Equine One smells 😁
Proper farrier work and proper diet are always recommended by Equine One  NHD for healthy hooves. Equine One  NHD is an excellent product for horse owners to provide continuing care between farrier visits.

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