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EquiCoat is a specially formulated powder blend that aims to maintain the health and resilience of your horse's coat and skin. The formula contains a careful selection of natural minerals known for their beneficial properties and proven effectiveness in promoting equine wellness. With EquiCoat, you can be confident that your horse's health and appearance are in good hands.

List of Ingredients:

Zeolite, Sulphur Powder, Diatomaceous Earth, Zinc Oxide Powder, Betulin.

Benefits and Recommended Uses:

  • Maintains healthy skin and coat
  • Beneficial to horses prone to irritation from a wet and muddy environment
  • Addresses minor irritations and itching, ensuring your horse's skin remains comfortable
  • Helps maintain a balanced skin environment, contributing to overall coat health.
  • Helps absorb excess oils and moisture


Directions for Use:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply the powder evenly to the horse's coat, avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes, nostrils, and mucous membranes.
  3. Apply a small amount of powder and rub it gently into the coat. Use more if necessary for larger areas or specific needs.
  4. Apply powder 1-2 times per day every day or as directed by your veterinarian. 
  5. Brush or comb the coat thoroughly after application to remove any excess powder.
  6. Rinse if Needed: If the powder needs to be removed, it can be rinsed off with water
  7. Boots can be worn over the top.
  8. Powder can be applied to the legs daily, helping to develop water and mud resistance.

Storage and Safety Precautions:

Store EquiCoat in a cool, dry, and ventilated area with the container tightly closed to prevent moisture ingress.

Caution should be exercised to avoid application near the face, eyes, nose, or mouth to prevent inhalation or ingestion. For animal and external use only; not intended for humans or consumptions. Consider wearing a mask if sensitive to dust particles.

In all cases involving diseases or injuries, your veterinarian along with your farrier are your best sources for information about your horse and your particular circumstances.

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