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We are happy to share this Canker Case Study by Chantal Rietveld (Spijkenisse, Netherlands) who have been using Equine One Hoof Dressing from October 2021 to September 2022.


Equine One Hoof Dressing doesn't heal/cure canker or any other hoof diseases. It helps to maintain healthy hooves. Works best together with the proper diet and farrier's care. In all cases involving hoof conditions, diseases, or injuries, your veterinarian and your farrier are your best sources of information about your horse and your particular circumstances.


My horse with canker has been dealing with ups and downs for 3 years. The only things that have made a difference so far are formaldehyde and copper sulphate, but still with spring and autumn relapse. 

I have tried anything for my sweetheart. It has cost blood, sweat, tears, headache, and sadnesses. He is the sweetest, kindest soul I've ever met. 18 years old, 13 years mine. I have made changes in food - a balancer with almost no sugars. I keep his stall very clean. The farrier comes every 3 weeks to cut the tissue away, and I use Equine One Hoof Dressing 2 times per week. And a total of 4 times per month I use formaldehyde and copper sulphate.

After the trim, I will start with Equine One Hoof Dressing and keep a journal about how my buddy is doing; I can't wait! 🍀 So excited to try this. 

October 13, 2021 

I ordered Equine One Hoof Dressing just a moment ago, and I'm so excited! New hope for me and my buddy!☺️

October 28, 2021

No complaints so far! We started to use Equine One Hoof Dressing on October 21st when the farrier gave him a trim. Farrier will be back on November 9th and check him then, but the canker looks hard right now. I am using Equine One Hoof Dressing twice a day. Once when he comes out of the paddock (making sure his feet are not too wet). I firmly clean the feet and apply Equine One Hoof Dressing. Then, put him in a nice clean stall. That's the morning routine.

Then in the evening, when we work him - the same ritual. But, now, when applying Equine One Hoof Dressing, he stands in Equine Fusion hoof boots (@EquineFusion), so the liquid stays all night and the hooves remain clean. Making sure no other germs or bacterial get in.

November 21, 2021 

Improving! Not there yet, but I will continue...


December 4, 2021 

December 7th next trim. Will post update! Ordered Equine One Hoof Dressing again. Will keep using it.

December 9, 2021

Trimmed 2 days ago.

January 4th is the next trim. Continuing to use Equine One Hoof Dressing.

Farrier wanted the link to your product, and I proudly gave it to him. He’s enthusiastic, and we are both happy with the results. And so is my horse! No more painful formaldehyde... And he's doing so much better.

I ordered my second can last week and will keep using it. I'm so happy.

 January 6, 2022 

And again, nice trim. The farrier was happy, and so am I.

I keep using it every day after work.



February 8, 2022

4th trim. Soooo happy!


April 22, 2022 

And still good! I have used Hoof Dressing every day where possible. Even when he’s out in the field. We’re riding almost every day, and he's happy as can be. And so am I. 🙏🙏


We’ve come so far and tried almost everything. I was a bit skeptical when I first started using Equine One Hoof Dressing, but well... The results speak for themselves.

Happy customer over here and telling everyone about it. 🤗💪

No more boots at night (since January 29, he’s worn no boots at all!) and no copper sulphate in between, it’s only Equine One Hoof Dressing now.

June 16, 2022 

As you can see, he was so so so not well, and I didn't know what to do. I tried so many chemicals like formaldehyde and copper sulphate. Tried 24/7 Equine Fusion boots to keep him sound. But nothing really worked until I found Hoof Dressing. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but kept going nonetheless.

First with the boots at night, afraid that he would regress back. But since January, no boots at all and no chemicals, just Hoof Dressing every day. He's being ridden again! And in the field, he's just a happy horse, sound and pain-free. Farrier is happy, horse is happy, and I'm so so so thankful for this product. I'm telling everyone around me about it! Soon to order my 3rd can, and I will keep using it. 🙏 My savior - Equine One Hoof Dressing.

So here I am again, 10 weeks later and still rocking it! Amazingly, I fought so hard in the past and for so long.

And look at us now…

No chemicals, no copper sulphate, and no formaldehyde anymore. Only Equine One Hoof Dressing daily. And he’s living 24/7 outside. I couldn't be happier!

September 2022

Having him on  Equine One Hoof Dressing for almost a year now. Applying it 4 times a week right now, because he is still 24/7 in pasture and because its quite muddy and wet outside. 



No other products given or used since he's doing so good on Equine One Hoof Doctor.  🙏😊🎉🇳🇱

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