This product is by far the best hoof oil on the market. It does what it’s says on the tin and much more. It’s become an essential part of our horse care regime. Highly recommended

Charlotte Burnham

Equine One honestly is the best thing I’ve found for all around good care. My farrier can’t believe how healthy my horses hooves are now!

Allison Miller

My farrier just left and was pleased with the overall improvement in my mare’s hooves. She had a puncture wound in September. We’re making progress! Equine One has been my saving grace!

Kathy Saxe (Mount Erie, Illinois)

This product healed my ponies thrush in JUST ONE WEEK! I only applied it 7 times once a day and the day of his trim the farrier said all gone! Amazing! It will be the only product I use on both my miniature horses. Thank you Equine One!

Michelle Vander Vlis (Chilliwack, British Columbia)

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90% of the moisture required for the hoof wall comes from within

Yes! The hoof does produce its own moisture. Our product does not penetrate more than a millimeter into the tissue, but sometime you can't deal every issue from within.

The best way to ensure healthy hooves is to provide balanced nutrition

Yes! A properly formulated diet will contain the correct amounts and proportions of nutrition to allow maintenance of all body structures.

Management is a key!

Yes! Proper farrier care, clean stalls and exercise are very important in maintaining healthy hooves. Poor balance or irregular surfaces can lead to cracks and chips and poor alignment overall.

Some ingredients can be harmful!

Yes! Caustic ingredients can cause the outer horn layer to become too dry or too soft.

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