An abscess is a cavity filled with pus and necrotic tissue or by definition a microbial infection to the connective tissue of the hoof.

There are two types:

  1. Sterile, which can occur in the foot (ie. suppurating corns etc.)
  2. Septic, occur where there is an infection and the body’s defence system attack the invading microbes forming a pocket of pus causing heat, swelling and pain.

The typical cause and pathology of an abscess is a bacterial invasion or penetration into the epidermal (insensitive) regions of the hoof, invading the dermal (sensitive) portion of the hoof.

Bacteria thrive in areas with damaged tissue and poor blood supply.

Bruises (stagnant blood in the affected area as well as blood serum are a favorite food supply for bacteria if even the smallest of breach allows bacteria to invade the area) or sole pressure can turn into abscesses as well.

Once the abscess has “broken”, typically by soaking and poulticing, you will want to keep the hoof and affected area clean and dry, applying Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing to the hooves daily adding Equine One Hoof Mender putty to the affected area as well. Wrapping the affected hoof after applying your Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing products may be beneficial to keep the hoof clean and dry to allow for proper healing.

Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing and Hoof Mender putty will:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote healing with their anti-septic qualities
  • Maintain proper moisture level to encourage healthy growth of new horn and proper function of the hoof