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Dietary Zinc & Hoof Health

Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential in equine diets. Zinc is involved in a variety of processes in the body such as enzymatic activity and metabolism of proteins. However, when horse owners supplement zinc, they generally do this with the goal of improving hoof and coat health.

Why is Lush Pasture Concerning?

With spring well on the way, lush pasture is at the forefront of many horse owner’s minds. 

What you need to know about amino acids

When supplementing horses with amino acids we have to ensure the correct amino acids are being supplied.

Kimberly Dawn of Kicking Cowgirl Designs

Kimberly Dawn: "I have learned that living a dream, having goals, and making them happen, can be a reality even when things get in the way. But that's when it starts to happen... don't let anyone or anything steal your dreams or your goals."