Hoof Mender Putty

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Equine One Hoof Mender Putty is a unique restorative hoof putty based on Birch Bark Extract, Betulin, Clinoptilolite, Omega 3 with Vitamins A & D for professional care of horses' hooves. 

  • Restores strong and healthy hooves in all weather conditions
  • Maintains a germ-free hoof environment—helps avoid crumbling horn, white line disease, and thrush
  • Non-irritating and safe to apply without wearing gloves
  • The product does not dry out, but keep container tightly closed when not in use
  • Can be used under pads to keep soles and frogs in healthy condition
  • Can be used for horses, ponies, donkeys and other hooved animals
  • Made with a non-caustic formulation—contains no copper sulfate, no harmful or petroleum-based products
  • Please note the equine care product is for hoof use only.
  • The product has a distinctive smoky smell
Size: 340 g
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Equine One

Upgrade your hoof care experience with Equine One. Superior combination paired with premium ingredients and expert supervision deliver our signature quick and guaranteed results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Becky Hillard
Great Stuff

So far I’m loving this Hoof mender puddy and it seems to be working well filling in and healing my horses crumbly toe area from Laminitis . Other than being pretty stinky and a little messy it’s easy to apply. I do wish there was an applicator off some sort to apply it with, but I wear disposable gloves which help. I will be ordering more soon 👍

Debbie Stahl

Equine One Hoof Mender Putty

Shelby Brost
The Best!!

After truly putting this product to the test, I can confidently say this is the best product on the market. I recommend it to everyone - you will be satisfied!

Cynthia G.
Great Stuff

The hoof mender putty, packs easily into cracks & holes, and stays put! I was still able to see (& smell) its presence 3 days after application with horses out on pasture.

Kendra Collins
Great stuff

This stays on and does magic. Has helped through this funky wet weather season. The smell stays om your hands though. Just wear gloves.

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