Founder is from within the horse. Most founder is from diet as in high sugar and zinc in the blood. Some are from stress. Either way it damages the Laminie tissue that attaches hoof capsule to coffin bone. And bone begins to rotate down. In this process you have extreme damage to the toe area and abscessing developed frequently.
There is no product that will cure founder that you would apply on outside. That being said horses can recover from founder. But you can seriously help treatment. What we need is to minimize the pain. Where Equine One comes in with this process is healing and drying up the opened abscessing areas. And also keeps bacteria and fungus under control. And gets rid of thrush which can also cause pain and when working on a foundered horse heart bar shoes are used which trap fungus around the frog which causes thrush.
Equine One will treat the damages and help the tissue to heal but more important help your new growth come in healthy. So it will help in recovery process from founder. But will not cure.
Reminder: proper farrier work is always the best for feet. Don't ignore it. And Equine One is a great product for horses owners to provide continuing care between farrier visits.
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