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EquiDust is a specialized powder that has been carefully designed to create an environment that promotes hoof firmness and dryness. It is made from a select blend of high quality natural minerals and stands the test of excellence in equine care.

List of Ingredients:

Zeolite, Diatomaceous earth, Betulin, Zinc Oxide Powder 

Recommended Use:

- Promotes a firm and dry heel and frog.
- Aids in establishing an optimal hoof environment by reducing moisture content.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake well before use
2. Clean the Hoof: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the hoof using a hoof pick and stiff brush. Remove any dirt and debris. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry before applying the powder.
3. Apply the Powder: Sprinkle the dry powder mixture evenly over the cleaned and dry area of the hoof, focusing on the frog, sole and bulbs.
4. Repeat as Needed: Apply powder 1-2 a day daily or as directed by your veterinarian or farrier.

Storage and Safety Precautions:

Store EquiDust in a ventilated area, maintaining a cool and dry environment.

Caution should be exercised to avoid contact with the eyes and excessive inhalation. EquiDust is intended for external use on animals only and is not intended for humans or consumptions. Additionally, it is not to be used in horses intended for food. For individuals sensitive to dust, consider using a mask during application.

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Upgrade your hoof care experience with Equine One. Superior combination paired with premium ingredients and expert supervision deliver our signature quick and guaranteed results.

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