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Equine One is a unique product based on Birch Bark Extract, Betulin, and Omega 3 with Vitamins A & D. Works great with all types of hooves: horse, donkey, goat, or cow.

Equine One promotes external health allowing internal and sensitive structures to do their job, but alone will generally not fix your problem. Equine One is one pillar of an overall approach to a healthier horse

Equine One doesn't clog the pores of the wall. It fills voids and fissures that can be pathways to pathogens.

▪️Apply three (3) times a week

▪️ For severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week

Size: 1 can
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Equine One

Upgrade your hoof care experience with Equine One. Superior combination paired with premium ingredients and expert supervision deliver our signature quick and guaranteed results.

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Hannon

I like your product, I am not sure the price point would be something my customers would be interested in.
Thank you !

Julie Wood
Excellent product

I would recommend this product

Katie Haugh
Great product

I recently started using Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing on my horse, and I must say, I'm quite impressed with the results. As someone who values all-natural products for my horse's care, this hoof dressing ticks all the boxes.

One of the standout features of this product is the convenient brush that comes with it. It makes application a breeze and ensures even coverage over the hoof. The dressing glides smoothly and evenly, allowing for effortless application.

We have had an exceptionally wet winter, I found that Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing provided excellent protection for my horse's hooves. It helped keep them moisturized and resilient, even in challenging weather conditions. I noticed a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my horse's hooves since I started using this product.

However, there is one minor concern I have regarding the smell of the dressing. While it's not overpowering, the scent does linger. It's something to consider if you're sensitive to odors or prefer products with a more subtle fragrance.

Overall, Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing is a fantastic product that I highly recommend to other horse owners. Its all-natural formula, ease of application, and effectiveness in protecting hooves make it a valuable addition to any grooming routine. Just be mindful of the lingering scent if you're particularly sensitive to odors.

Melissa Allen
Great product!

I’m happy that I found this hoof dressing! Not only does it make their feet look better, you can see the difference in the quality of the feet after using it! It’s rainy season here and it’s helped keep thrush at bay! I highly recommend Equine One!

Audrey Gregis
Best Hoof Dressing on the Market!

I've been using Equine One Hoof Dressing for close to 4yrs...and I wouldn't be without it! Because of where I'm boarding right now, until we can move, there is an unfortunate horse whose owners do not take care of their mare's thrush, so it's gotten into the soil. Never experienced anything like this! Although my mare has only had thrush 2 times in the 15yrs I've owned her, now it's a constant battle. Before moving to this facility, I used Equine One once, usually twice a week, and my previous farrier always complimented her hooves. Told me he could tell I was doing something different. Once I got her thrush cleared up, realizing why she even got thrush this 3rd time....by applying Equine One to her frog EVERY day is keeping her thrush free. Trust me, I'm asking my new farrier every time she's there! And, personally, I love the smell! Reminds me of a campfire. :)

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